The Dahl Calender: Number 12

Here we go again. We have comed to number 12, a photo of someone you are missing, in the Dahl Calender.

When I was 17, I had to go on a funeral for a person who got buried way to young. I am talking about my uncle, who meant a lot to me when I was a child. He was my hero! 10 years older, but he always had time for a little three year old girl that followed his every foot step. I remember that he always had white socks when I was little, a large Donald Duck collection, he took me and my brother to visit places, go on adventures, building snow caves and all the things kids love to do. He was a real “Norrlänning“. This photo of him really caught his spirit. In the middle of stunning nature, with his hat that he always had with him. Baby O got named after him, partly to honour my uncles memory, and partly because I did not want that my uncle should be forgotten by the generations that did not know him. Baby O will hear a lot of this incredible man when he grows up. And I hope I will meet my uncle again, in some other life.


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