The Dahl Calender: Number 10

Todays photo challenge/ advent calender made by Emily Dahl.

10. A photo of your favorite animal.

This part of the calender has actually two different meanings for me. First and all, my favorite animal of all time is this beautiful creature:

The perfect dog in action, Ådi (or as his formal name is: Rebelqueens Guttsta). A dog in his best year, with an excellent pedigree. Part coward but with a big heart. The best dog I ever have had.

But then we have that other part of this, my favorite animal. I have to admit that I do love dogs, but the animal that makes my heart beat faster, the animal I wish I could transform myself into from time to time, the animal I wish I could put my eyes on every day, because of their beautiful graceful movements over the night sky, is owls.


Photos found here

My love for owls was founded when I was 10 years old, and I was standing on a balcony, looking up on the night sky. Then I got the great honour of seeing an owl flying above me for several minutes, I think it was out hunting and I got entirely mesmerized by the owl’s graceful movements. That was one moment that will forever be with me.

Tomorrow, the 11th I will show something that represents my future dreams. Though one that as I dream so much.



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