The Dahl Calender

The eminent blogger Emily Dahl is every year holding a photo advent calender, and I thought I should participate this year. I missed the first days though as I was in Blekinge, and I first thought I should do it all on Christmas Eve. But I changed my mind, and decided to do 1 per day instead. So here it comes, the first 8 days in the Dahl Calender.

1. A picture of yourself that you like.
New Hair cut - 28 of september 2012

I love this photo, just because of the simple reason it was the first time since I was a teenager I changed my hair cut. That I dared to change it, made me so proud over myself.

2. A picture of you at home.


It is not often I take photos of me at home, simply as the light is not the best to take photos in. This is one of few photos, taken a couple of weeks ago where I sit on my sofa with Baby O. In the background you can see a lot of childrens dresses, Adam’s CD-collection, my white mask that named this blog, and also a squirrel pillow I bought at H&M Home.

3. A picture of your best friend

6th of June 2012


This is my  friend-best friend Emelie (not like my dog-best friend Ådi or my husband-best friend Adam) and her son Loke. We meet in college the first day of the first term. I sat outside the classroom alone, waiting nervously for starting when suddenly a loud talkative person came sitting next to me and decided we should be friends. And we have ever since. I later found out that she was just as nervous that day, but it did not show at all, I can tell you that.

4. A photo of someone you admire. 

Blekinge 18th of July 2012-21st of July 2012 (43) - Copy - Copy


Mum. For obvious reasons like she is my mother, the person I can talk to about everything and that she is the person I go to when I need someone who stands 100% on my side.

5. A picture on you taken last summer. 

This photo really shows how my summer was. Student mum in action. I was painting the mark of Green Students which is my beloved organisation where I am responsible for the Norrköping area when this photo was taken. It was early august, boiling hot, and I was enjoying summetime, anxious of starting my studies and trying hard to fit in a new little man in my life.

6. A picture of someone you love. 


I love so many people, my mother, brothers, aunts, cousins, friends, but I do not have all of them in one picture. So I choose this photo, containing the two men in my life, Baby O and Adam. Because they are in my life the most.

7. A photo of you where you look like you always want to look like. 

I seldome look like this, simply as I am to lazy putting on make-up and fixing my hair, but I do love it when I manage to do it all. Especially with a nice dress to go with it. If I always looked like this, I would be really happy!

8. A photo from one of the best evenings in your life. 

Halloween 2010. I had lived alone for a half year, I had a distance relationship with a boy in England, just started to study Environmental Science and no friends in the small town I lived in (a place called Finspång). I was sad, bored, alone, and I got so annoyed on that feeling that I decided to do something against it.  10 in the evening I digged out my old devil costume, rushed to the bus and a after an hour on the bus I had reached my destination, the local student club I later worked on as a bartender. I do not regret going, it was so much fun and I made a lot of friends this evening, and best of all, I dared to do something against my situation. It was also this evening I decided to move from Finspång in to Norrköping to get closer to everyone I know. As I said back then about this photo “Me on the bus after a nice evening in Norrköping“.

And that was all for today. Tomorrow I will show a photo from my flat, according to Emilys instructions. It is getting really nice now I think.


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