Grey November

Shoes: Scorett. Thights: H&M Jacket & Hair decoration: Second hand finds Badge: Greenpeace

Outside it is dark, so dark that it never really becomes light, just some greyish shade on the sky as if the sun was not strong enough to break through the hoovering clouds. No, I can not say that november is my favorite month. For me, it is just a long wait for the snow, which maybe will not come this year, as I found out when I went to SMHI (Swedens meterological institute) with my class last week. We are facing a very wet winter apparently! And all thanks to the climate changes (4 degrees, it is just dreadful!). Sad news for a person who becomes enchanted by the first snowfall every year. I can stand there for hours on and watch the silent white magic, because that is what it is. I just hope that the climate conference in Doha will achieve something, so we can keep our magical winters. To go along with the grey theme outside, and the grey future that seems to be ahead of us, I have noticed I have become grey myself in the way I dress. But some dots and lace cheer up any outfit, even a grey one. Unfortunally some dots and lace can’t fix the climate.



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