It’s been a long time in the closet

I got a new lamp! Or, it is not really new, it is quite old actually but I finally put it out on display. It is from the 70’s and the amazing thing about it, is that it’s made by my grandfather. The lampshade that is. It have not been used for years, as the foot part of the lamp was missing, but when I went to Röda Korset the other day, I found the perfect foot! 15 crowns it cost, what a bargain.

I love the details on this lamp. My mother remembers when my grandfather made it, those little “rosebuds” he actually made out of a pair of old thights. They sure was environmental friendly back then, without knowing it!

It feels good that I got something he made out of his two bare hands. Brings me closer to this man I never got a chance to know. Now all I have to decide is if I am going to keep the lamp foot in this brown genuine style, or paint it to give it a bit more modern twist. Until  then, I am going to enjoy it’s beautiful light it spreads in the November darkness.


One comment

  1. Your grandfather was alot more of a green person then you know. Do you know that he was a “trädkramare” ? He even went to the newspaper and told all the people about the nasty plan it was to cutting down som tree´s on a road. He lost the fight =S.. He used his shoes both in summer and winter.. Never changed.. (Träskor btw) He always shoped in 2handshops =) and went to auctions.

    The lamp is made in the 80´s .. (First half) And you are more like him then you know. =)

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