Inspection going on.

One of my new obsession is making pompoms of different sizes and colours, which you probably noticed in the image flow from my latest post. I am amazed how easy it was to make, cheap and fun. On the same time I create a great pompom heaven above Baby O’s bed which he loves. It is so good, because the pompoms are not heavy, so if they fall down they will not hurt him. And the variety you can make them are  (almost) endless. I mainly used this description while I was making them, but I noticed while I was making them a few things to make them look better.

First, use steel wire thread to hold the pompom together. It was easiest that way and the result looked a lot better.

Second, use a scalpel instead of a pair of scissors. Unless you got really sharp scissors. Scalpell can you buy here (in Sweden).

Third, you can use a ribbon also to hang up the pompom in. I used a nice yellow ribbon for my black pompom (tip, do not make black pompoms, they were quite hard).

That’s it. Here is how my finished result look like.


I am thinking of adding some more nice things above Baby O’s bed. My next project will probably be honeycombs though. What do you think?


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