I haven’t said good bye..

I have just been busy cuddling with my son and dressing him up in cute outfits. I also got new additions to my closet.  Like the lovely new coat above, which I found for 120 swedish crowns.

I also bought new shoes from Scorett, in pale pink for 500 crowns. My mum said it looked like I was barefeet at a distance, which made me rename these darlings to the feet shoes. I’ve got some more stuff to show, but we’ll take that in a later post.

I’ve been having lessons in a room with a fantastic view! 

And finding toilets with just as interesting views (hidden roof garden anyone?!)

I  saw the weirdest piece of car parking in my entire life…probably the weirdest I’ll ever see

Talking of weird cars, I saw this one last spring. Mushroom car!

I took photos of nice autumn leaves

 Found my dream bike. Please you purple bike owner, give your bike to me!

 Found odd drawings in the local library…

And not so odd ones.

Went to a meeting with my student union, where Baby O was the youngest person ever to have the right to speak his opinion in the unions history. It mainly consisted of baby laughter and flirting, mixed with the occasional “erghuuuu”.

Took Baby O in a borrowed pram with me to the lovely town in the North, Eskilstuna.

Where he got to meet his (now) god mother who is not really a god mother (long story), Emelie…

…and the humorous uncle Leo.

Borrowed some cute clothing from Loke Two.

And waited for the train to come!

Talking about visits, we have had our own fair share of them:

Like a visit from uncle Alex and uncle Loke (aka Loke One).


And english far away citizens like grandfather Steven and uncle Robert.

Had some delicious foods.

And a sick baby boy. 😦

But most of the time

we have had our normal busy life

Like catsitting Emma’s cute cat Johan (above) that looks almost like a clone of our cat Chaos (below).

With me and Adam working hard with

making everything work, like our home, life, family, friends, school, pets, travels, “pyssel” (the english word pottering is so boring) and of course the occasional flee market and second hand finds,

so that everything will work together in a peaceful harmony.

But of course, most of the time both of us sit on the sofa, looking like this.

Over and out from Madeleine.



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