Dark Eyes

Mummy’s little charmer already got his first fans (in me and & Adam).

Big dark eyes meet mine that summer day eleven weeks ago. Eyes that looked curiously around in the hospital room. The bed, my hair, his little green blanket & everyone who entered the room, they had to be closely examined! During this eleven weeks & one day, he never stopped examining, and I walk around with him in my arms telling him: This is a leaf, are it not beautifully green? This is your dad’s cat. And the creature who licks your face & greets you to the family is Ådi, my little dog & best friend. It is safe observering the world from my arms, my little baby boy seems too think. Safe & cosy, he never wants to leave. “Oh mummy, what are all this things?” his eyes seem to tell, and I never get bored answearing him. Never get bored telling those dark curious eyes.



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