Life goes on

Hey all. School has started for me now, and I am busy in this hectical life style of being a student, politician and mother on the same time. I really need to get a shape of my new routines, but hopefully it will not be long until I am back into normal blogging schedule. Since last week I have kick-started my new course, national environmental management, and that is a lot of fun. We had Rachel visiting, and we celebrated her with a lemon sticky cake (defintely will share the recipe later) & some scrabble things, I got a new beautiful vintage dress which makes me feel more feminine then ever, and last but not least, Baby O has moved up to advanced drooling & hand eating. Tomorrow I had planned to write a new favorite things post, and also I got 3 outfit posts lying around waiting to be made. Hopefully they will be up soon. But, cheers for now.


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