Home made muesli

I love muesli. That is my number one favorite thing to eat for breakfast. But I have started to become so disappointed of never finding any tasty organic muesli out there (and believe me, I have tried a lot) I decided today to make my own for breakfast. Just the way I wanted it, extra fruity. I was surprised of how easy it where to do this, and in a quarter of an hour, I had made muesli lasting for two weeks.

To make this muesli, you need 25o grams of sultanas, 200 grams of dried prunes, 100 grams of cashew nuts & oats. Chop the prunes & the nuts (I did not rost the nuts, but you can if you want), and then simply mix it with the oats & the sultanas. I always eat it with fil, which best can be described as a thin, acidic yoghurt. Really popular here in Sweden.


One comment

  1. Alltså gud vad bra du är! Jag känner också igen det där: blir alltid besviken när jag testar nya blandningar, så senaste halvåret har jag alltid nägon färsk frukt plus frön och grejer som jag blandat ihop själv. Har tänkt att jag ska göra egen musli men det har inte blivit av. Kanske dags att testa nu?

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