As I just became a mother it is hard to find time to shower, make food or anything really that does not include Baby O. So I am at the moment looking for recipes that takes no time at all the cook. One of those foods, that have endless variations, are quesadillas. And as mexican food also are a huge thing in Sweden, I do give thumbs up for this recipe.

To make your own quesadillas you just need a few ingredients, tortillas, your favorite vegetables & your favorite cheese. I made mine with rocket & feta (two favorite ingredients of mine) and hade a mix of different beans with it. Put the tortilla in a dry frying pan, then put on your ingredients and, important this, let it cook on medium heat until the cheese has melted. I made the mistake and let it be on high heat, which burnt the bread before the cheese was done melting. But with medium heat I think it will be fine. Then fold the tortilla so it makes a half moon. Eat with the beans directly.


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