Finding your voice by blogging

I have blogged for several years. One year on this blog, White Mask Girl, and 2 years on my old blog Modeiga. During all this time I have been struggling with finding my own niche in cyber space. Finding my voice. This has taken a lot of time. I have tried to be theatrical, I have tried to write about fashion, music, photography & everything else between heaven & earth that I find interesting, but I never really got the feeling I had it right. I was not safe enough in myself, did not know myself well enough, so writing about my life…well it never really became anything good of it. I went around feeling unsatisified by my blogging, and kept taking breaks as my motivation died out over and over again.

Since my son got born though, this is changing. I am starting to understand how I am, who I am. This has made me more motivated to write, and blog, and to enjoy life over all. I do think my blog posts are getting better also, more thought about. I am not though satisfied, as I still feel I can do better then this, with time & with practice. I hope you will stay around here, while I search for my own unique voice in the blogging world.



  1. I find ‘voice’ a huge challenge too (in fact I really ought to write a post on this!). I think it is particularly hard on a blog, because it is not just your voice, but your audience you need to consider – and on a blog, who knows who that might be?

    In any case – I am glad you are ploughing on and changing it up!

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