A winter message: Winter in Vrinnevi Forest

This post I wrote last winter, when I was pregnent with O, the world had turned to a frozen beauty, and I decided to start blog again after having a break on a couple of months. It feels weird posting this in the summer, but it so lovely do remain unposted. Enjoy.

I am so lucky living in such a small town as Norrköping, it is only 5 minutes into all nice shopping centers and so, and only 5 minutes to a beautiful forest, called Vrinnevi. That is one favorite of mine to walk with my dogs with, especially during winter time when the world is frozen and white. I so love winter!


The only thing that is boring with winter is the clothes, all thick and everyone look pretty much the same. I try to go around it by using funny scarves and hats. I must have at least 15 scarves lying around in the house!


Pretty much everything is gifts, so I can’t really say where they are from.

It was a great walk. The only thing that could have made it better should be more snow, as it is way to little to do all fun things like skiing, making snowmen and ice scate. Especially the last thing made me sad I can’t do as I had decided months ago to start with it again. Oh well, you can’t get all.

I hope you all have a wonderful season, wherever you are in the world.



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