Melon Salad

I hate being so absent from my blog as I am at the moment, but it is because I am still trying to find a good routine where I take care of my baby boy, my home, pay the bills, meet friends and everything else that is part of a normal life. Something has to suffer until then, and I am afraid it is my blog. Unfortunally. I got 7 posts in the making though, but I normally only write two sentences, before O wants attention again. Well, they will come up here eventually.

To cheer you all up, I share my recipe on melon salad. Perfect now during summer, and all you need is:

1/4 of a small melon (like cantaloupe)

250 grams of organic salad (just take your favorite salad)

100 grams of cabbage

100 grams of organic feta (make sure it is feta, and not salad cheese).

Chop everything and mix it together.



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