My mother made coleslaw when I was in Blekinge, and I liked it so much that I decided to make it myself when I came home. From scratch. As the mayonaise in the store was all awful, even if the package said “real” (how real is it when it does not contain egg?) I decided to make my coleslaw with homemade mayonaise.

To make my mayonaise you will need:

Two egg yolks
250 milliters oil
1tsp Dejon mustard
1 tbsp white/red wine vinegar (I used white) 
Salt/pepper to taste

Mix the vinegar, the yolks and the mustard together. Add the oil, a little at a time while stiring simultaneously. The mayonaise should be creamy when finished. After you’ve made the mayonaise, get some finely chopped cabbage (I used about 200g)  and just mix it with the mayo. If you want to to go all out, you can also make my meatballs. I cheated though and bought organic meatballs in the shop.



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