Pearls of Karlskrona

Hey all! I am back from Karlskrona and feel fully rested, as you should after a vacation, especially after having got a great moment of meeting the family at the same time. Karlskrona is so incredibly beautiful, a real sea town with boats in every corner, lovely historical buildings and beautiful gardens hidden behind walls. Here are some of the pearls I found during my trip there:

The shopping streets of Karlskrona. Not because they got any unique shops, it is the normal one’s like H&M, but the buildings they are located in are worth seeing New modern buildings mixed together with old houses, wooden cottages mixed with brick houses, and every road paved with setts.

A London Routemaster bus that got a new life as an ice cream bar. This one was closed though when I was here, but next time I definitely shall try to go there. (These buses are actually not in use any more in London)

Blekinge is known as the Garden of Sweden, and I can say that it is so true. Around every corner you can see beautiful gardens, great  bushes covered with flowers, fountains and statues of historical people, especially Carl XI, who wanted to make Karlskrona Sweden’s capital city. This was, in my opinion, the greatest gem in Karlskrona.

The sea. Karlskrona is, just like my hometown Norrköping, a harbour town. But unlike Norrköping, you can see the sea in pretty much the entire town. Incredible!

Little brother looking happy with double ice creams. 

An ice cream bar that I did visit! Glassiären. If you go to Karlskrona, you’ve got to go here. They’ve got wonderful flavours like Italian Caramel and Pear Chocolate, or the one I tried, Marsipan Chocolate. Best of all is that they make the waffles for the ice cream themselves, in front of you. And that one scope of ice cream is more then you can eat. And that they are cheap. Let me just say, both I and my family approved of this.

Such a cute little boat.

Slumholmen. My favorite island in Karlskrona. Here you can see a lots of old and new boats, visit the Marin Museum or take a stroll to the light house.

The signs. Funny signs, signs with boring messages but looks nice, informative signs, boat signs. They are everywhere and quite hilarious.

Amiralitetskyrkan. Sweden’s largest wooden church. But the part I was most interested in, the catacombs, were unfortunally closed. You can see that this was a real military church, with the Swedish flag colours everywhere. I am sure that the bells play the national anthem every sunday.

I will most definitely go back there again, so I will probably post more pearls I find about this place.



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