Motherly Commandments

I have heard so many does and dont’s about how I shall raise my son lately (and even before that, during my pregnancy) that I have decided to write a list of my own…well let’s call them motherly commandments. This is my own rules for how I want and shall raise my son. I have nothing against advices about how to take care of my son, but I want to seek them out myself, not have them thrown into my face.

This is anyway my few rules I put up myself, for my son’s sake:

1. Let O go out at least a few hours every day. This rule I put up, as we noticed he sleeps best outdoors, and also I believe that fresh air is the best for anyones health, no matter of what age they are.

2. If he cries, I shall pick him up as fast as possible. No matter if that means that I carry around with him all day long, or never leave the sofa. A child that feels safe is a child that will grow up to be a strong and independent individual.

3. I shall not say that my son is bad for pooing 3 times in 20 minutes, nor sleeping properly the entire night. You would never say that to an adult, why should you say that to a child?

4. My son’s needs will be put in first hand, but I shall still not forget about myself and Adams needs to. Happy parents makes happy children.

5. And my last commandment, I shall enjoy the time together with my son as a newborn. He will soon be an adult with his own children and his own life, I only have this time together with him.



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