Some summer shopping

It probably have not gone unnoticed that I like to buy things, especially to my dear loved one’s. This summer I can’t afford any extravaganzas, but I bought a fair few things on the summer sale to me and O.

We bought a little clothes for him, as he are one messy baby. The two one pieces are just so adorable, the blue one is made of organic cotton and comes from Lindex. The one with the guitars on (in honour to his dad Adam) is from a second hand shop. The cute throusers are also from Lindex, and so is the socks.

My favorite drink at the moment, organic fruit drink from Saltå Kvarn. It is super tasty, and I use the bottles afterwards as water bottles. Good if you want to avoid the BPA rich plastic bottles.

After a long hunt, I found myself a pineapple bag. This beauty comes from H&M.

I also got a fair few new books. The two top one’s I got for free from my bank, and the two bottom one I found just lying about outdoors. It is sick that people abandon books like that!

And last, I got a new bag for my phone, from Golla Design and a yellow umbrella to pack down in O’s nursing bag. Adams comment about my new phone bag was: Could you not find a more girly one?. I informed him that I took the least girliest of the pink one’s.

And that was the latest shopping I have made.



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