Chantarelle Pasta

I love foods with mushrooms in it, and when I found yellow chantarelles in the local food market for only 12 crowns (about one pound) per hektogram, I grabbed my wallet and bought some. Well at home, I made a lovely and fairly easy to make chanterelle pasta, which is great on a warm summery day.  All you need to make it yourself is pasta, 100 grams of chanterelles (or your favorite mushroom), 2 deciliters of cream fraiche, rocket and salt and pepper.

Start with cleaning the mushrooms and then fry them in some butter, until the mushrooms gone soft. Add the cream fraiche and the spices into the frying pan and stir. Let it boil in the pan for 2-3 minutes, so the mushrooms flavour the cream fraiche.  Mix the mushroom sauce with the pasta and the rocket and then eat. And that is how simple it is!


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