O’s first concert

Oki, at the moment it becomes a lot of “O’s first…” posts, but that is because everything is new for him! I want to show him as much of possible of life, already from the start. Both me and Adam loves music, and last saturday we decided to take O to Munken in the Park, a local festival with a lot of different kinds of music.

When we first arrived we listened to a band called Pg Lost. It was quite an good all-instrumental band, that did remind me about an other band I heard last year, Arbor Lights (click on links to compare them yourselves).

O slept cutely through the entire time they played.

Next band up was the swedish metal band Entombed. It was quite a good performance I thought, and the crowd was fairly mixed. I saw both young children and old men standing there and listening to them.

Adam was of course one in the crowd.

And O continued to sleep through this band also. I so love how cute he looks in his ear protectors, and I guess I took at least twenty photos of him in them.

After Entombed finished playing came a band neither me or Adam liked at all, so we decided to take a walk for the hour they were on stage. Little O woke up and he enjoyed the walk from Adam’s arms.

Around nine in the evening we went back to the festival area to see the band I longed to hear, Bob Hund. They were just as good and weird as I expected them to be, and I even bought one of their CD’s there. Did not have a chance of getting it signed though, as little O needed a nappy change.

So after a quick nappy change in the summer grass we went home to cuddle up in the sofa all three of us and watch Poirot. A good ending on a good evening.

Tomorrow, if everything goes as I have planned , I want to go and listen to Joel Alme with O. Thumbs crossed (a mix between sweds holding thumbs and english people crossing fingers), I noticed things do not go as planned when you got a baby around. 🙂



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