I got a son

Hey all!

Gosh you’ve all probably wondered whats happened to me as I have been absent for a week. But the on the 19th of june, after a few days in labour my baby was born! It was a lot of complications during the labour, and it all ended with an emergency ceasarian section. I missed the first 5 hours of my sons life though as they had to put me to sleep, as I did not respond to the epidural at all. Adam did a great job though and took care of him and late on the evening the 19th I could for the first time see and hold this tiny life form (or maybe not tiny, he did weigh nearly 5 kilos. Good work for a women which is not taller then 160 centimeters) that have grown inside me. My heart got stolen that second.

As I had a emergency ceasarian section I have not been let out of the hospital until now. I am still in tremendeous pain, but seeing my little son was worth it all.


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