My mother came around to be some support

I am utterly nervous for our baby, and they think I maybe need to do a ceasarian section (they will check that today), you can understand that I have not been blogging a lot. My dear sweet mother though came by to be some support for me two days ago, and we talked about things that maybe will happen, or maybe not. Had a nice dinner, ate ice cream in the sunshine and took my brothers to the playground. It really helped to make me feel better.  She went home now, but she will come back, she said. I am so thankful for her and having her as a mother.



  1. Hope you don’t need a Caesarean ! But if you do the main thing is that you and the baby will both be fine afterwards. Good luck with today’s news. I know you’ll rise to the occasion, whatever it is. It’s great you and your mother have each other.

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