Deniz early birthday celebration

Yesterday after my mother left, Adam and I went to the local resturant Munken. Waiting there was Deniz, Kristin (two classmates of mine) and some of their friends. It was time for Deniz early birthday celebration here in Norrköping as she are going to work in Stockholm the rest of the summer. The company of good friends and great conversation really helped me take my mind of things.

We sat hidden in a corner of the resturant, and talked a lot about politics and what we are going to do during the summer. I was thinking of introducing the people I met there. But be patient with me, I suck at names. Here in the picture are a few of Deniz friends. From left to right, the dark haired guy are from Morocco and did not speak any swedish but were friendly still. Number two is a lecturer about migration politics, and he had many interesting things to say. Third guy I never talked to as he sat the furthest away from me.

Vänsterns Studentsförbunds President to the left, Elin and Deniz boyfriend Aron.

And of course, Adam.

Birthday girl herself! Will be sad not to see her the rest of the summer.

And the fantastic back of her dress. It looked really great.

Lots of chatting went on, and I fiddled quite a lot with my camera, trying how to learn take pictures in the dark. Do not go well I think. I maybe need a new camera, as mine only works good in daylight. Oh well, the evening went on, but I did not stay that long thanks to back pains, but I did finish the cake we got.

Forest berry cake with vanilla sauce. And that was my short visit on Deniz evening.


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