My mother’s cat Smulan

I have finally started to calm down after being sad that I am going over the time with my baby. I had made my mind prepared it was going to be born end of May/early June, and when the baby did not arrive, well it made feel quite depressed. But now things are going better. I get a lot of support from my surroundings, everyone says that this is just natural which I am thankful for. Especially my mother and aunt have been great help. But the best help of all has been Smulan. My mother’s cat that lives with us. She had two litters, but only one of her kittens turned out healthy and well. After the second litter she got castrated, because it was not good for her to get kittens. The thoughts of her having such a hard time with her kittens, makes me glad that my baby are only a little late, waiting to be born. I feel more harmonic in me, and that is what is important. Harmony at home, and harmony in me.


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