6th of June – Emelie’s Birthday

Hey all!

Oki, I’ve got so many things that I want to blog about at the moment, so unless I go into labour, you will get a fair few blog posts. I have already written about my dear Gaudi Lamp (I am in looooooove) and here comes the next thing, Emelie’s birthday.

Adam and I took the train to Eskilstuna early in the morning, and we arrived in Eskilstuna around midday. As Emelie was busy at hairdresser, I showed Adam around a little first, as he never been there, and pointed out places where I have lived and told him some of my memories of the places there. It was quite enjoyable. Then we went to Emelie’s and there we had a great time together, talking with the people arriving, sampling the cakes (in Adam’s case, he has a sweet tooth) and sang happy birthdays songs. Everything was lovely, with one exception.

 I’ve got to say that this one thing made me quite annoyed (the exception I just mentioned) and it was the fact that Emelie’s boyfriend wrote “tant” (which basically means old lady) on her birthday cake. I thought that was going too far writing on a birthday cake, and I would myself be furious. I do not know how Emelie took it though, but I can just hope she did not get hurt.

But enough talk about my annoyance, here are some nice photos from the day.

The birthday girl herself, in my old dress from my closet clear out. I do not even know why I had that dress, as it suits her alot better.

Adam attacking the cakes. (Or as he says, removing the cakes so other people would not get tempted).

Alex, Ida, Loke and unknown in the corner.

After the party was over, Adam and I went to see my brother Leo before the train arrived and I showed Adam the rest of Eskilstuna. And that was my 6th of June.


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