Three books Adam gave me

As I spend most of the time being in bed or lying on the sofa at home, it is so easy to get bored, especially for a person who has such an active lifestyle like I do. But pregnancy has it’s own demands, even if I have a hard time coping with being so inactive. It drives me crazy. Adam knows this, and he was so sweet and went out and bought me three books so I have something to do while being incapable of leaving the sofa. I’ve already finished them, so I thought I would give a short review of them.

The first one is a book about the second world war, I am fifteen years old – and I don’t want to die, written by Christine Arnothy. It is a simple story, about a group of people trapped in a basement in central Budapest, but has so much emotion in it, and you feel for all the individuals in the story. It doesn’t come up to the same level as the book by Anne Frank, but is definetly worth reading.

The second book Finns inte på kartan (Doesn’t exist on the map) is a book about the first world war is a Swedish comedy book  by Carin Hjulström and I really thought it was hilarious. It is not often books make me smile, but this one did however and even once made me laugh out loud. The journalism student Frida Fors  gets an internship on a small newspaper in a remote village, a total nightmare for her, as she thinks she will not to have something to report about. But she discovers a major story (I can’t tell you what, or I’ll spoil it), which makes everyone in the sleepy village wake up and start to make changes, both for themselves and others.

Höstoffer by Mons Kallentoft is a crime novel taking place in my neighbour town, Linköping. I enjoy reading his books, as it has a lot of references about familiar surroundings. And his main character is somewhat of a rarity, as a female detective being the focus rather than just a secondary character. Other then that, I have to say it is like any other crime novel out there, a guy get murdered and the sleuth solves the crime. (Oki, you can maybe notice I am not a big fan of crime, this author is one of the few worth reading).

And this was my review of the latest books I got my hands on, thanks to a sweet husband. Now I am off to bed, as I’ve got an exam tomorrow. Wish me luck!


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