VIP second hand shopping

Hey all!

Yesterday I got invited to the reopening of Dahlbergs second hand shop in town. The owner had moved to bigger and better rooms in town, instead of the remote area it was located at before, and I was full of excitement to see the new premises. So Adam and his mother Rachel and I went and did some extensive second hand shopping.

The invitation. If you ever come to Norrköping, I recommend you to visit Dahlbergs second hand.

The first thing we did was look around at the new interior. This is the tin and jars section, as you can see there’s lots of nice tins which are just waiting to be sold.

Two tins I liked particularly, but I did not buy them.

Adam was busy looking at small things in drawers.

 Being a curious person, I had a look myself and found out what had caught his interest, it was lots of tiny boxes, glasses and coins.

Myself, I prefered the clothes section, as I am renewing my wardrobe. Can you imagine I have worn only 10 pieces of clothing since January?

Adam and Rachel also joined me in the clothes section. Here Adam tried a waistcoat, but it was too small for him, so it had to stay in the shop. It was about then I got very tired, so I needed to go home and rest.

At home I took some photos of my lovely finds, as seen below:

A summery shirt and jacket for me. A cute dress for the baby (if it’s a girl).

A Stig Lindberg plate, two wooden boxes for Adam and a tea tin.

It was a lovely day at one of my favorite shops in town, and I am glad I got invited to the reopening.



  1. Tack för du lämnar så fina hälsningar hos mig! Jag blir så glad! Tyvärr hinner jag knappt utanför min egen bloggbubbla längre men vilken fantastiskt härlig blogg du har! Jättefin!

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