Ida Pyk – Paris Chérie

It was a long time ago I wrote about some of the books I’ve read, so here comes a little book post. One of the latest books that I came across was this book by Ida Pyk, the author I met in April, and my first thoughts were that it was such a little wonderful book, something every teenage girl should read. The images, the main character Alva and the fact it takes place in Paris, that it’s a favorite town for many girls, these are just some of the reasons why it should be read.

As it also takes up some of the darker aspects in life, like having an alcoholic parent it can give many people the chance of seeing themselves in them and know that they are not alone. That is something I know by experience many teenagers have feelings about, that it’s them against the world, and so many out there want to do as Alva did, take their things and run off to a remote area, far away from all the problems in their life. Alva gets to experience that she doesn’t not feel happy even if she went to Paris, and I guess that is the message of the book. Running away doesn’t help you.

It is not all dark and gloomy though. Alva also gets to experience real love for the first time, and Ida wrotes so delightfully about the first time you love someone, how you wait ages for that phone call to come, how scared you are of losing that special someone. This part of the book is carefully written, just as fragile as the first love can be.

If you want to buy the book, Bokus online has it in stock.


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