Blog turning 1 year: A lookback on August, September and October 2011

Hey again. I’m doing a summery of my first year as a blogger, and I thought that we should go straight away and look at what I did in August, September and October last year.

August 2011

In August I went to a lot of jumble sales, and found a few things for my flat. Like a cute childrens book and a bowl (which I still have not found a use for, but I love it anyway).

I found a new favorite colour in grey, and used this dress a lot. (Seriously, was I that skinny? I can’t remember that. It feels like I have always been pregnent. But it is not long left anyway).

I also tried a little more tough style for a few days, but realised it was not something for me.

My little godson also got baptised. Wow I can not imagine he has been that small and cute. Not that he is not cute now, but it was more of a tiny cuteness back then.

At the party after the baptism. It was so much fun that day.

My camera also died this month (thanks to a surprise super rain that went through my jacket and the cameras protection) so the last photo of me during August is this photo mum took. It was also then I realised how much I love high waist skirts, and I now have 4 of these.

And oh, Adam moved in with me in August. Just thought you should know. 🙂

September 2011

Adam and I went to Edinburgh in September, as his sister was getting married. Edinburgh is such a lovely town, and I recommend everyone to go there at least once. It is perfect for honeymoons for example, if you don’t want to go to Paris like everyone else.

The wedding itself was adorable, and everyone looked so happy. As it was the first time I used the new camera, it took some time before I worked out what to do with it.

Edinburgh was also full of jungle statues when we were there, and we actually bought a small green elephant to have as a souvenir.

Well at home, I had a mad passion for purple and hats…

and brought Scotland home with me

And that was all from September. The rest of the month I had the flu and lay at home in bed, and was not sure where the world was or where I was.

October 2011

In October I tried to make the summer last longer, by wearing wedges with socks.

and went all colourful all the time. Adam and I took long walks around Norrköping, so he could socialize with his new hometown.

I picked lavender boquets in the park…

…and ate a lot of expensive chocolate.

It also was Culture Night here in Norrköping with graffiti art…

…normal art…

and fire shows.

I also had the good fortune of trying barbequed marshallows for the first time. Sickly sweet, but delicious if you have it only a few times a year.

In October I also found out I was pregnent, and that caused a severe shock in me, and I had 2 months where I only thought about one thing: OH MY GOSH, I’M A MUM SOON. THAT IS NOT HAPPENING!!!

This was the last photo I took for my blog in October, where I discussed uglyness, as I felt really ugly knowing I was pregnent. I know that is horrible, but I went through a period of real bad self esteem the first months of my pregnancy.

And that’s it for my autumn last year. Hope you all enjoyed it.


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