Blog turning 1 year: A lookback on May, June and July 2011

Oh gosh, I was looking through old blog posts and I realised that this blog has turned one. Hurray! And what a year it has been, I got married, Adam moved to live with me, I’ve been to both Scotland and England, and most important of all, I got pregnant. I thought it was going to be celebrated with some photos from the year that has been, month per month. Let’s start with what happend the 3 first months of my blogging, during May, June and July.

May 2011

In May 2011 I was preparing to being married, finishing my first year in University and going everywhere in my favorite wedges which unfortunally got destroyed.

I also celebrated Mother’s day with chocolate balls and Singoalla biscuits, and gave mum a book about shoes.

And I spent the day taking quite egotistical photos of myself. My favorite combination back then was pink and orange, and I had heels quite a lot.

June 2011

I got married to Adam, and never been happier in my life.

Got a lot better in taking self portraits. Just look on these two, woosha:

And I spent a lovely midsummer with some friends from my party, Sweden’s Miljöpartiet. I remember it was the first time I tried herring, and I really liked it, so I am defiently going to eat it again this midsummer if I get the chance.

And I watched Kung Fu Panda with my little brother on his birthday. I have a weak spot for child movies, as they are not violent and always have a happy ending.

And spent rainy days cuddling with dogs indoors.

July 2011

In July I was at a camping festival in England with my now husband Adam. I got the chance to meet a lot of his friends and spent quite a few days away from civilisation, which felt really nice.

I had a crush on animal prints and patterns over all.

And I got to meet my godson Loke for the very first time.

Is that not adorable? 🙂

And I went with mum to a hiphop concert, with a gigantic dinosaur on the roof nearby. It was certainly a weird concert, as neither of us are big fans of hiphop, but it was a day to remember.

And I went to a lot of other concerts, like Sahara Hotnights

And I got my hands on probably the weirdest sunglasses in my collection. I love them though!

And that was those 3 months. The upcoming week I will post about the other months too.



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