Sunday BBQ

Sometimes you just need to spoil yourself, have a nice dinner with your husband and just be together, especially after a hard week where you’ve barely been seeing each other thanks to exams. That’s what happened to me yesterday, when Adam and I felt spontanious and had this years first barbeque in the lovely sunlight. The hamburgers were on the barbeque (both vegetarian and normal ones), salad was being made and Adam had made his delicious chips. All of this made a lovely dinner for two. Or three, if you count the baby.

I was all dressed up and ready in my best vintage maternity dress (60’s vintage is my guess) and new tights from H&M Maternity. Pretty much the only things I can fit into at the moment.

I was in charge of the hamburgers, both veggie and meatie ones, and I think I did fairly well for being a lousy chef.

While Adam was indoors and fried the chips, I made our sitting place a little nicer with some of our flowers and a tray I found in the bin. That is crazy, thinking of that the tray was made in 1888. Some people do not appreciate the loveliness of old things.

Finally the chips arrived, and they were lovely as always. I married Adam for his cooking skills (joke cutie).

Extra big with double gloucester cheese, chili powder and a lot of salad hidden under the burger. Together with a lemon soft drink it was a good steady meal.

And that was our Sunday dinner for two. Luxerious for a student, but worth it what so ever. Thanks cutie for a great day.


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