Summer in the window

Good morning all!

Life is good, is it not? I have been awake since 6 this morning, enjoying the silence around the house, calm soothing music and a lovely breakfast. I have a tradition on Facebook of posting my Sunday music, and today I noticed it mostly consists of a lot of Bruce Springsteen, especially his song Dancing in the Dark. I never believed this would happen, but my music taste change fast. Especially on Sundays.

 Another thing that’s making me enjoy life at the moment is that my surrogate balcony, also known as my kitchen window, is starting to blossom. Just look at this:

Beautiful, isn’t it? I do so love to combine new things, with old things and in this case even broken things. The tea cup which I use as a pot here, has a crack in it, but instead of throwing it, it got new life as a geranium pot. Reuse at its best! What I am most amazed about is that all flowers are still alive though, as I do not have green fingers at all. I hope it will stay this way, as my little kitchen window is giving me a lot of joy.

All the sunshine and the flowers  show that summer is not far away, neither is the birth of my baby. I am in week 37 now, and is counting the days until I can see my little sprog for the first time. I have never felt as strongly for another lifeform before, someone I have not even seen. I fell in love with it, the day I found out I was pregnent, and I guess that is how it should be.



  1. I think that all your flowers staying alive is pretty much the definition of having green fingers, really. Lovely!

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