The best way to a culture’s heart goes through the stomach

Hey all!

I wanted to do this post last weekend, but have not got time for it (exams, exams, exams) but here comes a quick post, as I am now offically on a break from my exams (that will last about two seconds until after I pressed the publish button. I have 6 things to leave in before Thursday, wahh). Adam’s mother came to visit us over the weekend, and as it was the International Food Market here in town, the theme of the weekend became a lot of different foods from different cultures. I got to try apple strudel for the first time! That made me go yey, and yes it was delicious. So, here comes a mastodonic food post to sink your teeth into.

Anyway, to take things from the beginning. The food culture feast started already with that Adam’s mother came with a bag full of English goodies, like crumpets and chocolate.The thing that made my heart beat a little faster though was all that lovely liqourice. The salmiak créme is something I found recently here in Sweden, which I still not have tried, but will soon.

Montezuma’s organic chocolate and polo mints, both lovely english sweets. The name of the chocolate bars I find funny, especially Lordy Lord.

Turkish delight at the International Food Market french stand, which was very tempting.

Meringues at the same stand. I tried the pink one seen in the photo, which was rose flavoured.

Adam’s favorite stand filled with tea, curds, jams, marmalades, chutneys and apparently the best cheeses in the world. Which stand was it? The English of course. 

Raspberry tart, chocolate chip cookie and rose meringue.

Turkish Delight I got from Adam, on our new Stig Lindberg plate. When I took this photo I was reminded of a scene in the Grinch where the main characters have plates of food in their hair, as seen here:

Click on Image to come to source.

Maybe that will be the new trend? 😛

To keep with the food culture theme, we also went to the only real Italian resturant in town, Pappa Grappa, and had delicious pizza and italian ice cream.

My nice company for the evening.

Pudding! Chocolate, lemon and mojito lime ice cream.

If you ever come by Norrköping, I strongly recommend this resturant.

As it is getting late, and I think I just made a gigantic post in order to delay my school work, I will just end with some photos from Adam’s shopping at the British stand. I think he spent several hundred there. Above, two kinds of cheddar, which were very tasty I thought.

And the best thing last…


Oki, I will only eat salad for the rest of this week, gosh, I came across so many nice things last weekend. I think that foods are a huge part of a country’s culture, more so then art or architecture, as it close to the common man. What do you think about food and culture?



  1. I agree, that’s why I love cookery books that tell you about the country, the people and their customs that created those recipes.

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