Loke’s first birthday

 Around one and a half week ago it was my godson Loke’s first birthday party. With a hairdonut I was prepared to meet the not so windy town of Eskilstuna, which is quite a change from the constant windy town known as Norrköping.

But before I rushed to the train, I had some nice morning cuddle with Ådi. Best start on every day!

On the train, I made some wrapping in on the train’s toilet, as the tape I used before was so bad. I had a dummy theme on the presents, which I thought was fun and cute.

As I came early, I helped Emelie with the party decorations. Or, she put it up and I did take photos.

Lunch break with home made hamburgers.

The first guests that arrived (besides me) was Emelie’s parents which came with a lot of presents for the little birthday child. The gift went from this….

….to this….

…in a few seconds. Seems like colourful wrapping paper are the best toy ever.

One of the other guests and his mother.

Emelie’s sister.

Loke eating his first birthday cake. Emelie made most of the cakes herself, which I found impressing. Around 6 in the evening I waved good bye to everyone, in order to take the train home. It was a fun first birthday Loke had.



  1. Vad mysigt med ettårskalas 🙂 hade du bott lite närmare hade du kunnat komma på en eventuell framtida träff men nkpg är ju en liten bit bort. Kramar

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