The closer it comes to the day my baby will be born, the more I am rechanging at home, throwing things away, getting new things and remaking some of the old things I got here. I talked with mum about this, and apparently it is normal to order things up like this before the arrival of a new life. As both me and Adam prefer quality over quantity, it goes slow filling our home with things we both like, but it is good to have some thoughts behind everything we do. Here are a few photos of the latest things I have changed in my home, as a little documention over my nesting.

One thing that has never before entered my home are a lot of baby things, like these toys and books which I got from Go’boken. They got many different welcome packages for free, and I liked the insects theme of this package. I noticed that the majority of the babies toys are pastel coloured, fun that we are being trendy. Plus, books are something my baby will have a lot of, as both it’s parents are real book nerds. I am in search after a hat box, in black preferely to have all the baby toys in. Should find one in the second hand shops soon I hope.

In the kitchen we have new oven gloves from Klippan, and a new tea towel we got from Adam’s mother Rachel. The tea towel is from the english heritage shop and has a beautiful historical motif over the kings and queens in England. Swedish and English handicraft are meeting in our home, again and again, as it should be in a two culture household.

I repainted my old corkboard and added a gigantic butterfly to it which I found on a trading day. Insects are becoming a theme here at home. I think they are both charming and fun. A few nice cards we got recently added a personal touch too it.

My next home project will be to repair all of the things in the hallway, and maybe buy a carpet to have there. I am not touching the living room yet, as it mostly looks like a storage unit and it needs some major changes, which my economy do not allow yet. What are your feelings about home projects?


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  1. Det låter så mysigt att du börjat med “the nesting”! Kvalitet framför kvantitet, jag är helt på er sida. Bambubestick för de små, hur sött låter inte det?! Åhh… Kramar

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