Trading Day – A new (old) kind of shopping

Last saturday, it was the national trading day here in Sweden and as I get most of my clothes from trading days, I (of course) participated in this, and got 7 nice new things, 5 for me and 2 for Adam to renew our closets with. As it is good both for the environment and your wallet to trade clothes you’re tired of for “new” ones, I thought I was going to share with you some photos of my latest trading day. Trading days are a new (old) kind and fun way to shop things.

The day started off with that I woke up super early, a few hours before Adam, made breakfast and wrote Adam a note so he would know that I went out.

I had Ådi with me as company, plus a bag of clothes I was bored of and have not used for several years. As my closet is a real black hole, I do not even remember owning a few of the items I brought with me.

Around 11 I arrived at the trading day. As this is a informative post about trading days, I shall talk a little about what you do here. Normally you leave in your items between a certain period of hours (here between 10-12). You get a note saying that you have left in X items, which means that you can trade for that amount of items. If you leave in 5 items, but only find one you want to take home, you can of course only take that one thing with you. A normal thing is that a person who doesn’t  want more then a certain amount of items give their note away to other people.

A trading day is mostly a fun event, but I have been to one-two of them where people have been wild and grabbed everything they could, pushed and swore at each other. This is not okey I think, but it is up to the event leaders to have control over the situation. But if one person are rude, I normally tell them off, as it is not okey to push people around. The trading day I went to was calm though and people were considerate.

My finds on this day was a dress, a blazer, a skirt and two shirts for me. I also found Adam a jacket and a t-shirt which did suit him well. Fully satisfied with myself, I walked home, but passed the park instead, so I could see all the cherry trees blossom. A good ending on a good day.



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