“Thank you, for all your efforts and hours spent”

Last friday, that god awful 20th of April (see previous post about why it was awful), I was invited with a few other people to a really nice thank you dinner. Or, I say a few, when we were actually 150 nice people who have tried their best to make our student union one of the best in Sweden. And yes, I am biased. In our best student manner we sang, ate and drank and shouted loudly at each other, and people thanked each other both right and left. Very fun, even if I felt down.

The evening started with that Johan and I (my travel partner) arrived at Ryds Mansion in Linköping, and came right into a busy and crowded hallway, where everyone got their drinks. I skipped that part though as the alcohol free one was out, and went to take photos of everyone I recognized there, and do some mingling.

Kadir and Gustav, two people I have worked closely with in the student union since spring last year. Oh to imagine that year will soon have ended, it is quite sad. But I will get to meet new wonderful people next year.

Sara,  our secretary, was dressed in red. She will be with us the next year also I just heard, that makes me happy.

Fredrik and Björn, my two fellow Green Students, party members and co-workers in the union (which is called StuFF, if you care to know).

After I played paparazzi and took photos of half the crowd, we got guided into the rooms. As we were so many there two rooms , and the first thing I did was taking photos of the beautiful candelier. I wish I had one of those here at home!

As we had specific places, I sat next to Fredrik and Björn, and also these two girls, whom I found out were pedagogy students, but I forgot their names. Shame!

Starter dish, cucumber and mozarella on toast, even if it had a fancier name on the menu: Toast Caprese

Did taste deliciois though, shall try make it here at home some day.

Some students entertained us while we were eating, these people sang ridicolus and hillarious songs.

My name spelt wrong. Again!

Crowd photo. It is nice to see everyone being happy and having a meal together.

At my table, we had an really fun drawing contest, which continued on the table cloth when we ran out of paper. We competed with things like funniest StuFF-memory, draw a caricature of one member in StuFF and so on.

Main dish. I got my food last of all 150 people, as I had ordered it without tomatoes, and they forgot that. I had to remind them, so I finally got my food, an half hour after everyone else.

Another entertainment number, by Fredrik and Björn.

                      Dessert was saffron parfait, which I had a cup of tea with. I thought it was really nice,  After this I went to Matilda (classmate) with some other classmates and then me and Johan and Alex went home, as we all were getting up early the next day.


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