On a sunday morning…

….I woke up before Adam, something that is not common. As I did not want to wake him up, I went to the living room and listened to some Vivaldi, one of my favorite composers. I gave Adam a hug when he came up later.

I ate a huge breakfast consisting of bread with ham and butter, muesli and sour milk and a big glass of orange juice. Pregnancy Cravings are fun.

I finished one book, Att vara med henne…by Alex Schulman. This book has one of the longest titles I have ever seen. It is a good book though, so all you sweds out there, I suggest you read it. I’m going to return to the library, so someone else can get the chance to read it. 🙂

Also what happend this Sunday morning is that Ådi continued with his sunbathing. I think that is his happiest moment, and I can never get enough of taking photos of him when he do that, he is so cute.

Good start on a good day, in other words. Now I shall shower and then go out on this beautiful spring day.