Eastery greetings from Norrköping! Here we had a snow storm and all the daffodils got covered in snow and ice. So Easter got spent indoors with a hunt for eggs and a nice lunch with my brother who came to visit and Adam of course. And a lot of just lying down, resting and recharing the batteries, something I find needed now when I am in the last months of my pregnancy. A lot of books are finished this way, so Adam was kind and bought me some more, but more about that later. Instead let’s look on the fun stuff I did on Good Friday (Långfredag), as it is the best holiday ever.

First of all, after breakfast and dog walk, I sat and wrote small riddles for the Easter Egg hunt and placed them around the flat. It is a good and fun way to spend some time together, especially when everyone get’s diffrent clues.

I had a lot of varied things in my Easter Egg, like these sweets which came all the way from England. The lamb were so cute also, so I had a hard time eating eat. Thanks Rachel!

This is my Easter Branches (Påskris) which I make myself every year. Theme for this year was yellow, pink and flowery. I wanted to make some roses also but I lacked the time for that.

After the hunt, my brother Leo took a rest and ate some sweets while Adam and me made the Easter Lunch. This took quite some time, as we made a lot of the things from scratch, like the meatballs above.

But the result got this lovely. I will post the recipe here later, as it is always nice to share.

Adam’s favorite colour is purple, and he was in charge of the eggs. The result became purple eggs everywhere, but I did think it looked nice with the monocoloured theme.

Lunch time! Notice that I still have the ballons up from Adam’s late birthday celebration from the beginning of March. Amazing that they have lasted this long. Notice also Adam’s enormous egg that was full of sweets. Hardly fair that right?

Me. But you knew that already.

And with this lovely photo of the snowy daffodils I will now end this post. I hope you all had a great time and a better luck with the weather then I had. Happy continuing.





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