A friday at Trappan

This blog post should have come much earlier, but I’ve been busy so it got delayed. But here is anyway my evening with a fantastic dinner with other students from my programme, all dressed up and pretty from head to toe. Better late then never. 🙂

The evening started with that I got myself dressed up, using my newly found dress from the vintage section at Myrornas. I also premiered my Vivienne Westwood shoes, and gosh, I have not used more comfortable high heels. The socks in these photos I took off later, I just had them now as I was cold. A black hair ribbon  (which lasted 5 minutes, thank you winds of Norrköping) and I was ready to go.

The evenings stop was at Trappan, where I used to work as a bartender, and the first thing I did was hugging Emma, who finally got out of the hospital. We talked a lot about her heart surgery and my baby and how beautiful we thought each other looked. It is always nice to get comments of appreciation.

After we got the welcoming drink we went on talking about how nice all the others looked. Lots of black and white I noticed, I was one of the few that was more colourful. I took some photos, but as the light was not the best (I still haven’t learned how to take good photos when it’s dark) only this photo below turned out well. Isn’t everyone looking so lovely?

After an half hour, we were all welcomed up to the room where the dinner was taking place, and people really had put an effort in making it look like a special occasion.

As a programme dinner is quite an exhausting occasion with lots of singing and dancing and jumping up, over, and on the chairs and tables, my camera got forgotten for a long time. It was at the dessert that I remembered it again, so here comes two nice photos of mine and Emma’s desserts, raspberry cheesecake and passionfruit sorbet.

And after the desserts I excused my self and went home, as it was already 11 in the evening. But I had so much fun, I want to do it again soon (and I will, later in April).



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