Babies are a natural part of life!

You can not take your baby with you too the University. That was the answer I got when I told my school that I am pregnant and my living situation has changed.  No questions asked, no way of being flexible towards my studying and my baby. Just shut doors. I got told that in January, but since then I have been paralyzed with shock and have not done anything about it at all. I did not even reply to the mail I got, just kept it out of my mind. But it has been there, nagging in the back of my head, and a few days ago I decided that I will not accept this!

I should not be denied an education just because I am (soon) a mother. And my baby should not be denied it’s right to be with it’s mother. My school is doing both of these things to me, and that really is killing my study motivation. Unfortunally, not even people around me seem to understand my point of view. Several of them asked if I can’t just instead take maternity leave, but why should I? I want to finish my studies now and not in ten years, it would be for the best, both for me and my family.

I am proud over my bump!



  1. Vad fin du är! Både du och magen. Är säker på att du kommer att lösa skolsituationen! Kramar /Sinta
    PS: Underbart med en man som kan välja så fina skor 🙂

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