Saturday, oh Saturday

Hello all again!

Absent again, but not because of sadness, more of being occupied with lots and lots of things to do. Do not fear though, I documented my entire weekend with this little wonderful thing called camera on my phone. What did we do before that was invented?

So, let’s start off with saturday, which involved a party meeting and a party.


At seven in the morning, I prepared myself a steady breakfast, for a long day. Lots of fruit, like blackberry juice, lemon tea, muesli with fruit and nuts and bread with orange marmalade, my new favorite spread. I eat it every day at the moment! As I was late, I did not get time for any outfit photos though.


Lots of politics was on the schedule, I was in meeting from early morning to late afternoon at the beautiful place known as Hemgården, here in Norrköping. First we had an interesting seminaries about master supression techniques, then the new guide lines for next year was drawn up. As I did not feel to photo so much of the meeting itself, I took the more photos of Hemgårdens beautiful garden. Oh and one of my friends got elected as vice president of this region. Congratulations to him!



BildI did spend most of my time in the garden on the breaks. It was really beautiful and such a nice surprise to find this in Norrköping. Always fun to meet new places in your home town. After the meeting I went home, in order to rest a little for the evenings party. Being pregnant is heavy sometimes. I have gained 10 kilos! In between the meeting and the party though I found a pram, cheap and in nice condition, so I ran to buy it with Adam. Now our little sprog has something to lie in when he/she comes.

Is it not lovely?

The old lady who sold it too us even gave us discount as she thought we were cute. Hehe, that is some lovely story to share to the little when it’s older. 🙂

Home again, I started to prepare for the Spring party. Lots and lots of flowers got put into my hair, which ended with a pony tail. Then at 10 in the evening I said good bye to Adam and had lots of fun on my old work place. So I miss it there!

As the light where so bad though (this one of me above was the best one) photographing was hard. But I did enjoy it a lot, danced and laughed and got asked fun questions from strangers. And that was my Saturday.


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