Good Bye Quila

Hello all! I have been absent as I been sad this last days. My lovely dog Quila got an other new home yesterday, as she really do not like babies and it has been hard to leave her away. I miss my little dog which I had since puppy, but both for her best and mine, I had to choose giving her away. It sucks, but I had too. She really do not realise that small humans are not big, but small, which is not good in terms of a baby. Hard to choose, but…I do not really what to say, but that I will miss her, and I hope that her new owners are the kindest persons ever that give her just as much love as I have done.

I asked them to keep in contact with me, so I can hear about her progress, and maybe I can go visit her  as the new owners do not live that far away. Damn how hard this is, but I know I had chosen the best of owners to her. Else I would not let her go. Quila little, you been one of the best dogs I ever had, and you are going to be missed.

Today I have stuffed myself full with things to do, like the annually party meeting and other stuff, all in order to cheer myself up and not break together in tears. I hope it will work. Good bye for now.




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