My favorite things

This day has been LOUSY, with big capital letters. It is no particular reason to this lousiness, I just sometimes wake up and feel that everything is going to hell, people are mean and that nothing I do will make it better. This normally go over after a few hours, but it those first dark minutes that is horrible. I am normally a happy person, but just as everyone I do have sadness in me to.  In order to prevent this, I focus on the sunbeams in my life, colour, fun clothes (like my huge collection of knee socks), cute puppies and birds, sunshine and rain on the same time which creates rainbows all over the sky, family, friends and lots of tulips in the windows, and music. Adam also is a great source of happiness, when he came into my life, it all changed toward the better.

What comes first, more then everything, is my child. He/she is not born yet, but already have caused me much happiness. It’s little kicks, that it hates anything to be put on my stomach, all of those outbursts of personality gives me joy. I am amazed that such a tiny person can affect me in so many different ways. And that was what made my sadness go away today.


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