Breakfast, Mothering Saturday, tea and cake & dinner and a movie

Yesterday started out in the best of ways with a sleep in to 10! Luxury times for a student. Then I had my favorite breakfast with yogurt, muesli and lots of fruit. The best part was that we still had some frozen raspberries left. This was needed as I was going to have a busy day with Adam and his mother. After a quick walk with the dogs, we were on our way.

First stop was a book shop, as it is Mothering Sunday in England this weekend, and Adam wanted to buy a gift. Then we carried on to Café Kuriosa, and had a little celebration/good bye-fika, as it was soon time for Adam’s mum Rachel to travel back to London.

Café Kuriosa is one of these crowded small cafes which is filled with vintage finds, old furniture and pretty stuff. Plus  the occasional cake and delicious drink. We were here for at least an hour, talking and taking lots of photos of the interior in there. Norrköping has it’s fair share of old cute cafés, so if you like that sort of thing, you should pay this town a visit.

After photoing everything in there, we went home so Rachel could pack and go home. It was a good visit we had. Hopefully next time, we can go to London.

After a little rest in our flat, Adam and I went out dog walking and grocery shopping, the normal errands. Also a little Saturday treat came with us home, and we enjoyed it on a bench not far from home. The boxes from Godiskungen are really cute I thought, I like the new design on them. I also took some photos to practice, as I love the yellow house in the background. If it is ever for sale, I want to buy it.

Home again  and I made dinner, and this dish was easy to do, just as I like it. Boil some pasta and fry some bacon (organic of course) in the oven and then mix it with beans and rucola and you get a cheap, tasty and filling meal.

The day ended with that Adam introduced me to the Marx Brothers film Monkey Business. It was sometimes hilarious and sometimes I did not really get the jokes. Probably because I do not get all English phrases yet. It was although a good ending on a good day.



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