Super Sweet

I have been working a lot lately, from early morning to late evening and it probably has been noticed here in the blog. But today is the last day of 06.00 to LATE -days and I did cheer myself up with soda and some super sweet sweets, to celebrate that I got some free time soon.

On my spare hours (like lunch), me and Adam have been going around in the second hand shops, trying to find new ideas for our home as we are changing it from something I like to something we both like. A big project, but it is working. I for example like the chairs on the top photo, but Adam is a little more skeptic to that. What is your thoughts about pastel chairs?

Today my mother-in-law will come too, it is always nice to get a doze of Englishness in the house. I hope that I can visit London again this summer, but we will see, with the new baby coming and all.


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