News on the baby front

This day has been one of the days where everything seems to revolve around my baby, despite working in school, doing errands and other things. It has been both good and bad, but mostly good. Here is a short list of what has happend now when I am in week 27:

  • Adam could hear the baby today. That is truly amazing, that it is big enough you can hear it through skin and flesh.
  • I had statistics lessons today, twice, but missed everything out as the baby did some weird moving in the stomach. I am sure it lies on it’s little head right now. But funny it is active, after some calm weeks in there.
  • One of my classmates seems to go in baby thoughts herself now, as she is dropping comments like “If I got pregnant right now, I would keep it” and “Oh, have you bought any nice baby clothes yet?”. I like that more people dare to get babies while studying, as studying should not prevent you from having babies.
  • I am starting to cope with that I am going to be a mother, and actually are looking forward to it with excitement. If you had followed my blog a long time, you know it took me at least 16 weeks before I even accepted the thought I am pregnant.

And of course, the bad things:

  • I am in pain at the moment and have not moved from bed since 6 this evening. Adam was kind and made me food, tea and warm wheat pillows in order to cope with the pain.
  • My teachers seems to actively work against that I am going to have a baby and it is banned from my school during lessons. I can understand that when it comes to them teaching, but as the majority of my lessons are with a group of 6-7 other people without teachers at all, I think it stinks. I could instead work out an agreement with these 6-7 people about the baby, and not with the teachers that are NOT there.

So, there is my little list. The downsides are downsides, but on the plus side, most of the things are better with than without a baby. The moral story of this is, that I did right to dare to have a baby.



  1. That’s mostly all lovely though I am very sorry you are in pain.
    I know it’s only a normal part of sharing your body with a growing little person but pain is, well, a pain.
    But what is bloody annoying and unnecessary is your teachers’ attitude! It’s sad that there are some people who just cannot accept babies as a normal part of the community. How do they imagine they started life I sometimes wonder.

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