Playing around with angles

This weekend has really been a weekend of restoration and calmness, which has been greatly needed for both me and Adam as we have been traveling alot (to Lapland for me and him and to England for him) and been busy with work both at home and elsewhere. Add too that parties and people visiting and so on and you can guess it has been an exhausting but fun time for us.

Today, we started off with an luxurious breakfast containing of grapes, newly baked bread and raspberry tea and raspberry drinks for me, which is not how I start every day. Then we went out and took a walk in the lovely sunshine, talked and just took it easy. Adam also started to play with his camera, creating all funny angles like the one’s above. He is getting so much better in photo taking, maybe we can start our own photography company soon.

I felt a little school girlish today, and did my best to emphasis this. I have not felt so comfortable in my clothing for ages, it is so me. Maybe I shall just add an bow tie and the weirdness in it will be complete. I did find one with umbrellas on I liked, maybe I shall buy it?

Next week will be full of work for me, both political work and school work. With a weekend like this it can’t become anything else then great. To share the energy for next week, I will post an amazing photo of the spring flowers I found today. Can not be better week starter then pretty flowers?


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