A Saturday when nothing really did happen

My cute but at the moment horrible teenage dog Tequila is hitting the spotlight today! 

Today I have done nothing. Or nothing in the terms of being useful like cleaning, school work, political work or any other kind of work, I just had a calm day. As I do not have these days so often you can bet I enjoyed it (after the first hours of anxiety and not knowing what to do). Lots of cuddling with my dogs and cats was a part of it anyway, a few hour long bath and a walk with my husband was the only things I have done. Tried also a new perfume I got on my birthday (White Musk Libertine from the Body Shop), and now I am listening to Adam’s guitar playing while waiting for the Melody Festival Finale to begin. I have loaded with cheddar cheese crisps and raspberry soda for it, and I so hope one of the funny acts wins!



  1. sv: Jag vet! Den där brickan är poppis. Jag kan glatt avslöja för dig att den finns att införskaffa på ikea, för en ganska billig peng vill jag minnas!

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