Adam’s surprise

As Adam was not home the 3rd which was his birthday, but instead celebrated it with friends and family in London, I had planned a small celebration just us two today. Lots of hard work was put into it, but I am happy over the result and we had fun together with lots of hugs, kisses and talk about his time in London. And of course gift opening! Both for Adam and for the little sprog who had got some too from the great grandmother. As he/she are not born yet, we had to help with that. But soon it can do all the gift unwrapping itself. ūüôā

We had lemon chocolate cake with¬†apple tea and lemon water too drink. ¬†Lots of citrus as Adam likes it. The gift’s I have shown before, they contained a nice shirt, some tea and bathroom articles. The living room got decorated with lots of balloons too, all to give it a more festive look.

The card I made for Adam, a little hasty made as I was in a hurry but it is the thought that count’s. Plus, it was the first card I made myself from scratch.

One happy husband was the result of my efforts. I hope I can surprise him even more next time.

Adam also had lots of stuff with him home (he said he had to leave behind a lot more, so they will arrive here later) like english news papers and sweets. ¬†Feels nice to have a London Evening Standard to put on the table, gives the home a little international “touch”, hehe.

A photo of the baby’s presents will end this post, both me and Adam got so kind relatives that helps us with everything needed for a new little one. And this was our little tiny celebration we had today.



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